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How can I debrief results with students?

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Sharing your report data with your students is a powerful way to show them that you value their feedback and to get suggestions about how to improve. It may also lead to improvements in your survey fidelity scores! Below are a few ideas for engaging your students in a discussion about your survey results and identifying promising practice changes. But first, hear from teachers, Shannon Feineis and Kaity Haley, about their own student discussions.

Teacher-led: Review your report and summarize the themes that you notice on a powerpoint slide. Share the themes with your students and the practice changes you intend to implement. Ask them to look for these practice changes and give you feedback on how they are going as you try them out.  

Co-led: Share a few tables and/or graphs from your report with your students and ask them what they notice and wonder about. Share a few strategies that you are considering and ask students for ideas on how to make those strategies particularly meaningful for them and what other ideas they have for improvement. Select a few of their suggestions to incorporate into your class and let your class know which ones you’ve selected and why.

Student-led: Share your report with your students. Divide them into groups and ask them to take on the role of the instructor. Ask students to document what stands out to them, to set a goal for improvement, and to suggest a few strategies to try to improve. Ask each group to share out and identify common themes. Commit to trying out a few of the strategies suggested by your students. Here is a sample lesson plan teachers can use or adapt to facilitate a student-led debrief. In the video below, Ashley Kannan, middle school teacher, describes trying out this strategy with his students.

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