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Faculty Reflections on Implementing Ascend

Ascend helps faculty to use a student-centered, data-driven process to create engaging learning conditions in their classrooms. In the videos below, you’ll hear from several faculty members who implemented Ascend and experienced measurable impact for their students and themselves.

A. Dr. Joyce Lin, CSU Fullerton

In this Ascend Showcase video, Dr. Joyce Lin, Professor of Child & Adolescent Studies at CSU Fullerton, shares how she utilized Ascend to increase Social Belonging and Social Connectedness in her Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development course.


B. Professor Rachel Spangler, Sacramento City College
In this Ascend Showcase video, Professor Rachel Spangler, Professor of English, at Sacramento City College discusses her equity focused approach to grading in her class. Professor Spangler utilized Ascend to track student impact and saw an increase in Belonging Certainty, Institutional Growth Mindset, and Self-Efficacy.

C. Professor Heather Robbins, University of Toledo
In this Ascend Showcase video, Heather Robbins, Distinguished University Lecturer at UToledo, shares her experience using Ascend to improve outcomes in her Human Anatomy & Physiology course.

D. Professor Shelley Murray, CSU Fullerton
In this Ascend Showcase video, Shelley Murray explains how she used students’ feedback in combination with evidence-based practices to improve academic engagement and outcomes in her course.

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