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What is a Community?

A Community is a group of Classes that can be managed together and reported on together. Every Class and its corresponding Class Leads must belong to a Community and can belong to several. For example, the Class “Ms. Fenton – US History, P7” (and Ms. Fenton herself) might belong to the Communities “Tubman High School” and “Tubman Social Studies Classes."

☝ What should I name my Community? The name you select for a Community should be descriptive of the Classes and individuals that will be in the Community. It will be used to help you manage groups of Classes, in email invitations to individuals you invite to the Community, and to label your reports. PERTS recommends names like: "Springfield School" or "Springfield Math Department" rather than names like "PERTS Survey" or "The Go Getters."

There are 3 roles in a Community, each with unique levels of permissions and report access. You can read about each in the roles and permissions article. To set up a Community, it must include Members, Classes, and a survey schedule. The program provides prompts and guidance along the way and Defaults can be used to apply special rules to every Class created in a Community, making setup even easier.

How do I create a Community?
  1. Sign in

  2. Click +Add Community

  3. Enter a Community name, then click Submit

How do I edit a Community name?
  1. Sign in

  2. Click the pencil next to the Community name 

  3. Make the edit and click the ✓

How do I delete a Community?
  1. Sign in

  2. Click the 3 dots next to Community name

  3. Click Delete Community

  4. Confirm by clicking Delete Community

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