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What if a participant on a Roster used an incorrect identifier?

To prevent this scenario, create a Sign-On Rule before students take the first survey.

When rosters are unlocked, there may be cases where a participant is included in a Roster with a specific identifier, then completes a survey with a different identifier. For example, Sarah may be included in a Roster with but uses to complete the survey. In this case, Sarah is represented twice on the Roster. This is critical to detect and correct before the second survey so that one student’s survey responses are not attached to different identifiers. Below we include a few options:

Use the New Identifier

  1. Edit the Roster to delete the identifier that was not used

  2. Ensure the participant uses the identifier that was used for the first survey for all subsequent surveys

  3. Lock your roster to prevent additional errors.

Use the Intended Identifier

  1. Edit the Roster to alter the identifier that was not used. For example, change to Because identifiers must be unique, this will allow you to reuse

  2. Change the identifier that was used to the identifier you want the participant to use moving forward, for example, change to

  3. Lock your roster to prevent additional errors.

Note: Participation by Student/Participant is updated every night. You may review your changes and participation the next day.

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