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What enhancements were made to Ascend for 2023-24?

Every year, PERTS draws on feedback from our partners and insights from the latest research to make our programs easier and more impactful. These are some of the big updates we made for the 2023-24 school year: 

  • The new Learning Condition Trends graph visualizes all measured learning conditions by survey cycle. Many users said those graphs would help them get a bird’s eye view of their impact. Many users also said that those graphs would make for a great addition to their teaching portfolios. 

  • Having observed that communication fidelity plays an essential role in improvement, we updated reports to offer fidelity recommendations much more prominently. Learn more.

  • In response to popular demand, results can now be disaggregated into more race and ethnicity groups. When a demographic group has fewer than 5 students, it’s combined with other small groups into a “small groups” category to preserve confidentiality.

  • The participation by student screen can show participation across all cycles in addition to participation for each individual cycle. 

  • New prompts help implementation leaders keep classes aligned to Community Defaults so that implementation can be smoother and more synchronized.

  • A “report settings” feature enables users to filter what learning conditions are shown in a given report. We heard that would be useful for times when you want to focus on measuring and tracking a specific set of learning conditions.

  • A new “archive” feature enables users to access reports from prior school years (starting with the 2022-23 school year). The archive feature will be live by September 30th 2023.

Ascend-specific updates:

  • The Belonging Certainty question has been updated. Learn more.

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