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Instructors Can Add Ascend Experience to Resume & LinkedIn

You’ve done what a small sector of educators is doing—systematically improve your teaching practice to support student engagement, learning, and development.  Through your Ascend implementation, you’ve demonstrated that you’re an exceptional educator and you should share the new skills you’ve honed and your accomplishments with your network.

To elevate your accomplishments, consider adding an excerpt in your resume and LinkedIn that includes:

  • A summary of Ascend in relation to high-level department, school, or campus goals. 

  • Quantitative data that magnify your impact, such as student participation, improvement in individual learning conditions or across learning conditions, or learning conditions rated exceptionally high.

  • Impact on student engagement, motivation, or academic and social-emotional outcomes – even if anecdotal.

  • Qualitative student data from your reports that exemplify a shift in students’ experiences.

Sample Language: Among 10% of instructors who engaged in a pilot to implement Ascend, a continuous improvement program for instructors to measure and build classroom conditions that catalyze student engagement and learning. Improved learning conditions in my class by an average of 10 percentage points which led to a 30% increase in A’s & B’s when compared to last year. A testament to my students’ experiences, a student shared, “My instructor actually listens to our suggestions and it reassures me that I belong here. I also learn so much and feel like I can take on any challenge in this class.”

Below, we’ve also summarized a few skills that educators can gain and sharpen through Ascend and accomplishment statements that you can use to update your resume and LinkedIn.

  • Continuous improvement: Conducted four continuous improvement cycles using Ascend, collecting and analyzing student engagement data to refine instructional methods and achieve set learning goals.

  • Implemented student feedback: Implemented research-based strategies through Ascend to significantly improve student engagement and motivation, resulting in measurable increases in classroom participation and academic performance.

  • Data-driven instruction: Utilized real-time data from Ascend to optimize teaching practices, leading to targeted interventions and personalized student learning experiences.

  • Collaborative learning community: Actively participated in a Community of Practice (CoP), sharing best practices and collaborating with fellow educators to enhance teaching effectiveness.

  • Personalize the learning experience: Modified and personalized the curriculum to create a student-centered and inclusive learning environment.

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