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How do I access, share, and save reports?

New and updated reports are available Mondays, by 10am Pacific Time (PT)/ 1pm Eastern Time (ET).

If you expect a report and do not see one seeHelp! I can’t find my reports, or they didn’t update. If you’re looking for an archived report see, How can I access reports from a previous year?
A. How do I access my current report?

You will receive an email any time a new report is available with a link to access your report. You can also access your report(s) by:

  1. Sign in

  2. Locate the Community you’d like

  3. Click Reports under the Community name

  4. You will find the Community Report first, then Class Reports you have access to

B. How do I share my report?

To share one report you can print it or save your report as a pdf (see below) and share it directly with any individual(s).

To provide ongoing report access, you need to provide individuals with the right permissions:

  • Class/Group Report - A Community or Class/Group Lead must Invite the individual to be a Class/Group Lead

  • Community Report - A Community Member must invite the individual to be a Community Member

  • Network Report -  A Network Lead must invite the individual to be a Network Lead

Review How do I Update Community Membership? for specific instructions.

C. How do I print or save my report?

Reports include various tables and graphs with a variety of ways to view data. Because of this, it can be challenging to print your reports or save them onto your computer. Currently, we recommend taking screenshots of the portions of your report that you’d like to print or save. 

Stay tuned for updates as we create more efficient ways to save and print your reports.

D. How do I export data from my Network Report?

Premium partners with access to a Network can export a CSV file with Network Report data by completing the following:

  1. Access your Network Report

  2. Click Export

  3. Click Download CSV File

  4. Locate the file on your computer

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