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What is a Roster ID Rule?

A Roster ID Rule allows Community Leads and Class Leads to dictate how a Roster ID must end in order for students to access a Class survey, for example: Roster IDs must end with

When a Roster is unlocked, the Roster ID Rule helps limit duplicate or incorrect entries by only accepting Roster IDs that match the rule or are already on the Roster.  A Roster ID Rule is also communicated to students when they attempt to access the survey, providing students with clarity just when they need it.

A Roster ID Rule can be applied by individual Class or in bulk for an entire Community. 

How do I enable/disable the Roster ID Rule?
  • From the Classes tab, select the Class(es) you would like to edit by clicking the box next to the Class name

  • Click on the three dot drop menu on the right side of the screen and click Roster ID Rule.

  • To enable the Roster ID Rule, toggle the button from disable to enable. You will then be prompted to add the rule under ‘New roster IDs must end with.’ Then click Save Changes.

  • To disable the Roster ID Rule, toggle the button from enabled to disabled. Then click Save Changes.

How is the Roster ID Rule communicated to students?
We strongly recommend instructors explicitly share with students what they should use as their Roster ID. To reinforce instructors’ communication, when a Roster ID Rule is implemented, students will see the rule when they access the survey. For example, if the rule dictates that a Roster ID for a Class must end with, when students access the survey for that Class,  they will see the prompt: Enter your Roster ID ending with “”

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